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Competitive Dance Program

Welcome to our Competitive Dance Team MOMENTUM DANCE COMPANY.  


In our Competitive Dance Program, students attend multiple classes per week to develop their fundamental dance technique and learn choreography that will be performed at Dance Competitions and shows in the Spring. Momentum Dance Company members become strong and versatile dancers.  Many of our members have gone on to High Schools of the Arts, University Performing Arts programs and pursued careers in Dance, Acting and Musical Theatre.  Company students really enjoy being part of a Dance Team and working towards a shared goal while developing skills, having an artistic outlet and lots of fun!


Our Junior A Company members are required to attend 1 class per week.

Junior B members are required to attend 2 classes per week: Jazz and Company.

Junior C, D, Senior A, B and Advanced Company members are required to attend a minimum of 3 classes per week: Ballet, Jazz and Company. In this program, many students attend additional classes such as: Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Tap, Competitive Jazz and will receive discounts on these classes. Company members will also have opportunity to register and compete in solos, duets, trios, small groups.

If you're a current student, please register for the Company Program that was recommended for you.  If you're a new student age 5-9 yrs, you may register for either the Junior A or B Company programs.  New students age 9-18 yrs who are interested in joining one of our Junior C, Junior D, Senior and Advanced Company programs, please contact us for more information.  

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